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Mama’s gold bikini

I’ll bet there is nothing you would like to see more than a 68-year-old Italian woman in a shiny gold bikini, right? Especially when you are privy to the fact that all those oatmeal cookies I made for Zio never … Continue reading

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Cookies? Oh, it’s spinach :(

The other day I decided to drop in on Mama. I haven’t seen her in a while and I usually bring food when I visit. This time I brought her some spinach Quiche. Now as most of my readers already … Continue reading

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Harvesting Olive oil vacations…does Popeye know?

Occasionally, my husband and I dream about running our own B&B. I say dream because I know it’s a lot of work to run your own business and quite honestly I’m not sure I like to work that much! But … Continue reading

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Snow white and the Colomba pig

Actually it’s a dove and I’m the pig. At Easter Italian shops are full of this special cake that I love. It’s called a Colomba and although the tiny candied fruit gives me an upset stomach I just managed to … Continue reading

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