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Crackhouse Camper Van

Ever wonder what the guidelines are for Air Bnb? Yeah, me too. When I travel, I often like to take the road less travelled. It always ends up being worth the risk and offers up tons of blogging opportunities too. … Continue reading

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Share the Love Globally

One of the things I have benefitted from the most out of writing this blog for the past ten years is having the opportunity to meet and connect in person with some of my readers. How awesome is that! I … Continue reading

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Fifty miles…Padam, padam, padam

Here we are click here to see how goofy 50 is… Wow! Fifty years, half a century, and here I am still standing. If you say it in miles it really doesn’t sound that far at all, does it? I’m 50! … Continue reading

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IMA Innovative Troublemaker

Ahhh, I’ve been off work for a month and I think it has rained every day. Now that I am back in the city it’s sunshine and blue skies! For the past month, I was up in Portofino for some … Continue reading

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What I know for sure is…

…If Mama is in my house for more than 24 hours she will re-arrange my furniture …if she is still left unsupervised, she will install a big ugly TV on my wall in the worst possible corner …if the cat … Continue reading

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The beach bum

With seventy beaches stretching across her coastline, Elba Island, Italy is referred to as a pearl from Venus’ necklace which fell into the Tyrrhenian sea forming a small collection of quaint islands along the way of the Tuscan archipelago. Seven … Continue reading

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Where’s Waldo? (errrr, Leah)

Have I ever mentioned how much I should have married a Tuscan instead of a Ligurian man? Where the heck am I? Well, as mentioned in San Gimignano…I’m back in Tuscany. I know, I just can’t seem to get enough … Continue reading

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