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From silly to ridiculous

Why is it that when I’m in the car driving I can think of 1,000 words to write on my blog and then when I get close to a computer it’s all gone? Here are some random thoughts that sounded … Continue reading

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No soup for you!

France is just so much more fun than Italy! Yesterday I went with a friend to Nice, France. Nice is only 2 hours by car from Genoa. The forecast was 18C and sunny and I couldn’t wait to wander through … Continue reading

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Mama’s stash

After much consideration over my future living arrangements I find myself yet again Mama’s humble roommate. As I’m sure you must realize this decision was not taken lightly however it still makes the most sense (provided I can maintain my … Continue reading

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The final countdown

Well I’m on my last five day cruise to the Bahamas and then I will be flying back to Italy. I’m sad to be leaving my husband behind until December but am also looking forward to getting back to my … Continue reading

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Danger…ebay ahead!

Word to the wise: Never leave a woman home alone with a computer, a credit card and ebay! My husband has gone to the city for the night. With only 3 Italian channels to choose from on TV I opted … Continue reading

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Kiss, Kiss, Bacio, Bacio

Have you ever greeted an Italian with a hand shake? It just feels weird doesn’t it? Like, maybe you’re not one of the “club” unless they slobber all over you with kisses upon greeting. I am a bit of a … Continue reading

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Shopping 101

One of the things that I love about shopping in Italy is the personal touch you get. You see most shops are run by the owner and so you know exactly who you are buying from and sometimes it makes … Continue reading

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