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The Accidental Fashion Diva – Italian EXPO 2015

Malaysia’s Enchanting Elegance Fashion Show… I admit, I didn’t really have much desire to go to Milan to experience Expo 2015. That was until I heard the words “Malaysia and free VIP tickets to a fashion show featuring Malaysia’s best … Continue reading

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Toro! Treno! Milano!

Yes, that’s me spinning around like an idiot. This is the famous “Galleria” in Milan. The idea is that you place your heel into the bull’s balls and spin around for good luck. Let’s hope it works! Yesterday I took … Continue reading

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Hugs in Milan

Note, and a  friend quoted: “its a shame they don’t do this in Genoa… the Genoese would run away screaming that you were trying to steal something from them”

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Kiss, Kiss, Bacio, Bacio

Have you ever greeted an Italian with a hand shake? It just feels weird doesn’t it? Like, maybe you’re not one of the “club” unless they slobber all over you with kisses upon greeting. I am a bit of a … Continue reading

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