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Bidets Unite!

Apparently, not all bidets are created equal. Who knew! For the past two years I’ve been knee deep in drama I would rather pass on, a book project that I had a love/hate relationship with (resistance can be quite powerful) … Continue reading

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My new best friend…

For the past three years I have been searching for the perfect hair dresser. Yeah, I’m a chick and this shit is important to me (sorry Rick, Enrico and Dad). It seems to me that Italian Coiffure’s are quite expensive … Continue reading

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Italian’s never leave Mama

As I cuddle my kitty and type one-handed I have come to realize that the Italian culture has finally caught up to me. Tonight I am faced with the dilemma of leaving my kitten alone overnight for the first time. … Continue reading

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United we stand!

Okay, so as most of my readers know, I am currently waiting for the Internet people to deem me worthy of a house visit in my new apartment to set-up a connection…and as most of you also know this saga … Continue reading

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One little piggy, two…

Oh my God, FOUR! The little critters have been breaking into the yard and tearing up everything. After being in the city for 3 days working I returned to large dug out holes and dirt everywhere. Luckily they seem to … Continue reading

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Expat life-Pro’s and Con’s

What I miss about Canada: My family My friends Mini-marshmallows English TV Enormous Bookstores 24 hour shopping Reasonably  priced anything! Walmart Tim Horton’s steeped tea and maple donuts What I love about Italy: The sea The mountains The food The … Continue reading

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