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You know you’re over 40 when…

1) you go into the store for Chapstick lip balm and the shopkeeper loads you up with free samples of ‘eye lifting serum’ and ‘anti-wrinkle cream’. 2) your dad starts sending you jokes that are ‘R rated’ 3) your mom … Continue reading

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Kitty boogies, garlic and men!

I’ll bet the title of this post was just enough information for you to say “what the heck is she up to now?”. Or, perhaps you said to yourself “kitty boogies? That sounds gross” and then you ditched my blog … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful life

As I have stated before, my blog is not a “travelogue” or a “how to do anything” type of blog. What I aspire to accomplish here is a little bit of everything I guess. Life takes me in many directions, … Continue reading

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A little rain must fall

I’ve been on board the ship over 2 weeks now. I just received feedback on an old blog post of mine about “being an Expat, married and alone”. I want to thank Barbara http://theespressobreak.blogspot.com for her comment because it couldn’t have … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day

Have you ever seen that movie where the actor repeats the same day over and over again? That’s my life right now only I am first in the wash and then the spin cycle. First there is Immigration, then Boat Drill, … Continue reading

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Retro is back!

You know you’re getting old when you decide to clean out the crawl space and sell all your unused crap at a yard sale. Recently, I literally crawled into my brother’s attic and pulled out 8 boxes that have been … Continue reading

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