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Getting drunk with the Internet guy

Having a house renovated can be quite stressful. I cannot tell you how many bottles of wine I’ve killed over the past year just to keep my sanity. The walls are presently being redone and the guy said ten days … Continue reading

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When Dust Bunnies Fly

These past several months have been filled with so much activity and excitement that I’m afraid to look under my bed. Yes, that’s right, the dust bunnies are so big that even Coco is steering clear. Initially, my Spring/Summer was … Continue reading

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Goodbyes and Hellos

This month has been such a flurry of activity with both joyous and sad news… Friday evening, my favourite Italian Zio (Uncle Aldo, aka, Coco’s babysitter), died of cancer. He was 76 years young. Zio was awesome and I’m happy that … Continue reading

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Pocket full of stones

The dark horse entered like an unwelcome guest. “What do you want? Why can’t you just leave me alone?” “If you want me to leave you alone, you must leave these walls.” Frozen, I paced back and forth feeling the … Continue reading

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Seasons of time

Aside from a lot of rain, we have been pretty lucky with mild temperatures in November. I mostly wear long sleeve t-shirts during the day and can still drive with the windows rolled down. Okay, part of the reason is … Continue reading

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Expat life – the not so pretty side

On Wednesday, I had had a really lousy day. In my head, I had written a lengthy but also humorous post about my continuous battle with Fastweb and my foiled first meeting with my new lawyer, you know, Uma! I … Continue reading

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Random foolishness

Well if they were handing out awards I surely have done my part at qualifying for the laziest blogger of the month! It all started when I foolishly thought I could write a book in 30 days. I know, who … Continue reading

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