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Do You Wanna Renew your Vowels?

It’s time for this month’s language chuckle. Recently, I asked my husband about weddings onboard the ship. You see, a few times the Captain was unable to perform the ‘ceremony’ so my husband had to step in and do it. … Continue reading

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Bad to the bone

Recently, I’ve noticed what a terrible influence I have been on my husband. I have subtly turned him into a Canadian or actually, I replica of me! Let me explain. I have a potty mouth and I use a plethora … Continue reading

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Give the cat coffee. Cosa?

Ahhhh, nothing like the threat of a second enema to scare you straight. Honestly, I don’t know who is more stressed out, me, or Coco. I think it’s me. She has continued to freak me out while I am imagining … Continue reading

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What did you say?

Scene 1 Me: Sweetie, why are you throwing away your socks? Husband: Because they’re broken. Me: Broken? How did they break? Scene 2 Husband: Can you remember me to buy bread? Me: Okay. Scene 3 Husband: Those people own me … Continue reading

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Sometimes I have to laugh at the odd word choices my husband makes. I’m not sure where he gets his references from, perhaps England, or perhaps even Italian products that have been given cute English names. For example, whenever I … Continue reading

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Mars, Venus or Italy?

I’m sure most of my readers will be able to relate and chuckle at the following scene. I often wonder if it is really a language barrier or a gender issue? And the conversation went something like this… “Hi babe, … Continue reading

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