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Share the Love Globally

One of the things I have benefitted from the most out of writing this blog for the past ten years is having the opportunity to meet and connect in person with some of my readers. How awesome is that! I … Continue reading

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The world according to…

My husband. So yesterday after my hospital visit, I asked my husband to read the leaflet from the pills to see if I should eat first and this is what he said: “You can’t take these, you’re allergic to aspirin” … Continue reading

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Ankle biters & husbands…

No, my husband is not biting my ankles, but Coco is! Every time I sit at the computer desk she sneaks up under my chair and nips at my ankles…what’s that all about? But seriously, between having my husband here … Continue reading

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The velvet tracksuit

The other night my friend and I were comparing husbands. I know what you’re thinking, “geez, don’t these gals have anything better to do?” But actually, the topic was quite lively indeed. It’s fascinating to me how women and men … Continue reading

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That’s Life, It gets personal

Last night I got home after watching a belly dancing class. Boy, does it look hard! I’m thinking of taking a beginners class for fun! I am very uncoordinated but maybe this will help me get better at it. One of my … Continue reading

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