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Genoa – Genova

I came across this nice video today and decided to also share it here. Genoa doesn’t get that many tourists compared to other more popular Italian cities. Video of Genova here. Personally, there are many things for me that I … Continue reading

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When Dust Bunnies Fly

These past several months have been filled with so much activity and excitement that I’m afraid to look under my bed. Yes, that’s right, the dust bunnies are so big that even Coco is steering clear. Initially, my Spring/Summer was … Continue reading

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Gay Pride Genova!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure to participate in Genova’s Gay Pride Parade. We walked 6.5 KM and some of the participants bravely wore stiletto heels! It was over 35 degrees, humid and sunny but everyone was dancing, laughing … Continue reading

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Champagne or Bust!

I don’t think I need to tell you how bright my future looks, do I? I’ve been invited to a champagne demonstration next week. I really think things are starting to look up! For a while now I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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No direction

If I had my very own boy band I think I would call it NO DIRECTION. I just spent a few weeks working on my mosaic and then I got pulled into a different direction and my mosaic suffered a … Continue reading

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Rolli Days continued

For those who missed the free Palace visits in the city of Genoa, we are happy to announce that there are more dates that you can take advantage of in 2014. Mark your calendar for May 24-25 and September 20-21. … Continue reading

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Mary Poppins has nothing to worry about

Another rainy day in Genoa and this time the fountain is an icky brown colour. Apparently, someone in the city council thinks it’s a great idea to change the water colour occasionally to represent whatever political statement of the day … Continue reading

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