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Share the Love Globally

One of the things I have benefitted from the most out of writing this blog for the past ten years is having the opportunity to meet and connect in person with some of my readers. How awesome is that! I … Continue reading

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What are you made of?

Yesterday I realized that I have inherited the wimp gene. The only problem is, I don’t know who I inherited it from. Or, maybe instead of saying wimp I should say over sensitive and emotional? Coco has had her ups … Continue reading

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Every Expat should have at least one cute Italian friend

The truth is, I have been to the Ministry of Transportation about 8 times now. Often, the computers are down and I have learned to avoid going there on Monday and Friday mornings. But, the most valuable lesson I have … Continue reading

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Good friends bring cheddar cheese

When you’re an expat you end up with a small pool of friends that are usually expats too and you cling to that group like they were your lifeline. Friends are easy enough to make but finding good ones, ones … Continue reading

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Painting memories

Reclaiming what used to be…we all know that trying to relive the past is not only impossible but also never the same twice. The best thing to do then is reinvent the past to make it fresh but somehow also … Continue reading

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