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Expat life – the not so pretty side

On Wednesday, I had had a really lousy day. In my head, I had written a lengthy but also humorous post about my continuous battle with Fastweb and my foiled first meeting with my new lawyer, you know, Uma! I … Continue reading

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Deer antlers, turtles and respect

Have you ever wondered what your luggage looks like to the X-ray guy at the airport? If you want to guarantee a TSA inspection, just throw a bucket of maple syrup and some deer antlers in there and you’re sure … Continue reading

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Painting memories

Reclaiming what used to be…we all know that trying to relive the past is not only impossible but also never the same twice. The best thing to do then is reinvent the past to make it fresh but somehow also … Continue reading

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Secretly, I tease my husband for being a Mama’s boy. On his last vacation home he went to see her every day! I don’t mind so much as long as he doesn’t drag me with him and he usually brings … Continue reading

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Creepy Zio vs. Nice Zio

Oh, I know you are all sitting by the TV in anticipation of the soccer game with Italy vs.Spain but keep your shorts on…it doesn’t start for another hour. In the meantime, here’s a post to keep you busy 🙂 … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Simply Sweet

You know sometimes I write things and later think to myself why did I say that? Some of my readers would not have actually caught this one because you don’t know me personally but I am a bit surprised no … Continue reading

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Memory lane

I really admire my husband for his ability to shake off jet lag like it was a pesky fly hit with a fly swatter. Whilst he snored, I entertained Coco who seemed to be in the same time zone as me and … Continue reading

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