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2 rules to live by

Never ask a hungry Italian man how much pasta to cook…and Never send a hungry, homesick Canadian to do the grocery shopping. My sister-in-law and her boyfriend came up for a visit this weekend. While everyone was up on the … Continue reading

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Sometimes I have to laugh at the odd word choices my husband makes. I’m not sure where he gets his references from, perhaps England, or perhaps even Italian products that have been given cute English names. For example, whenever I … Continue reading

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Bookworms & Expats Unite!

For the past nine years television has not been a very big part of my life. I am not current with the latest reality shows or superstars collecting their fifteen minutes of fame. I try to “catch up” once in … Continue reading

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Expat life-Pro’s and Con’s

What I miss about Canada: My family My friends Mini-marshmallows English TV Enormous Bookstores 24 hour shopping Reasonably  priced anything! Walmart Tim Horton’s steeped tea and maple donuts What I love about Italy: The sea The mountains The food The … Continue reading

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Questura Shuffle…

Anyone who has ever moved to another country knows that there are several bureaucratic hoops to jump through. Italy is no different except for the fact that they like to make things seem much more complicated than need be at … Continue reading

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Mama…Where do I start?

I would like to be able to say that it feels good to be back on Italian soil but aside from the great wine, I am hard pressed to see the upside right now. I have been back for 36 … Continue reading

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A little rain must fall

I’ve been on board the ship over 2 weeks now. I just received feedback on an old blog post of mine about “being an Expat, married and alone”. I want to thank Barbara http://theespressobreak.blogspot.com for her comment because it couldn’t have … Continue reading

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