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Good friends bring cheddar cheese

When you’re an expat you end up with a small pool of friends that are usually expats too and you cling to that group like they were your lifeline. Friends are easy enough to make but finding good ones, ones … Continue reading

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Which way?

Over the years, I always seem to find myself torn between two worlds, two lovers or two roads. Although the journey has been an exciting one so far, there are days when I would prefer to just have fewer choices … Continue reading

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Cultural Perspectives – Part 1

With a six hour time difference between us, my mom and I have become daily pen-pals. By my mid-day we are in full swing chatting about our various and vast experiences. We never had much opportunity like this in the … Continue reading

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Almost Famous

I’ve decided that I could never become famous. Or that if I do, I should never actually open my mouth anywhere near a camera or reporter. I also understand now why I like to write. When I write I have … Continue reading

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Going local

So yesterday I found myself playing lunch hostess to four adults and two cats. The cats stayed and the adults left. Every day I work towards improving my crazy cat lady status and Elora kindly offered hers up for the … Continue reading

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Expat life – the not so pretty side

On Wednesday, I had had a really lousy day. In my head, I had written a lengthy but also humorous post about my continuous battle with Fastweb and my foiled first meeting with my new lawyer, you know, Uma! I … Continue reading

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Have y’all got the time?

I know, I should be studying or reading a book on the beach but instead I am here in the comfort of Mama’s air-conditioned apartment blogging. What can I say? After ten years floating around the Caribbean, the beach is … Continue reading

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