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A work in progress. A new beginning.

Last Spring we took over the bottom half of the house after an eleven year legal battle with a family member. We lost the top half, which belonged to my husband’s father before he suddenly died in 1999. This country … Continue reading

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Painting memories

Reclaiming what used to be…we all know that trying to relive the past is not only impossible but also never the same twice. The best thing to do then is reinvent the past to make it fresh but somehow also … Continue reading

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Inspiration with a tail

If you’re looking for complementary colour swatches for your latest decorating project look no further than the family pet. I have spent hours in paint stores and online looking for fresh ideas to spruce up our bedroom in the country … Continue reading

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I’m just a rockin’, bakin’, handyman

It all started on my first vacation with my husband years ago. I figured that because he was a “Navigational officer”, that he would also be good at reading road maps. However, I was wrong. Go ahead, insert your best Captain … Continue reading

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