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When Dust Bunnies Fly

These past several months have been filled with so much activity and excitement that I’m afraid to look under my bed. Yes, that’s right, the dust bunnies are so big that even Coco is steering clear. Initially, my Spring/Summer was … Continue reading

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Danger ahead…My Political Rant

Lately I’m finding myself with a stronger voice. Perhaps because 50 is approaching, I feel that I’m no longer willing to sit back and be that good, quiet Canadian girl who just wants everyone to play nice in the sandbox, … Continue reading

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Almost Famous

I’ve decided that I could never become famous. Or that if I do, I should never actually open my mouth anywhere near a camera or reporter. I also understand now why I like to write. When I write I have … Continue reading

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Deer antlers, turtles and respect

Have you ever wondered what your luggage looks like to the X-ray guy at the airport? If you want to guarantee a TSA inspection, just throw a bucket of maple syrup and some deer antlers in there and you’re sure … Continue reading

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Snow! I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

I’ve often missed the pretty white scene of snow since leaving Canada so many years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the cold weather, but there is something magical about snow. It muffles sounds and gives and illusion of … Continue reading

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Mama did what???

Yep, today we hit a new stride in our beloved relationship and Mama officially felt me up! The rain has stopped and I was on my way out to a sunny day and 18 degrees outside. She asked me if … Continue reading

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Bieber is so cute!

Okay, perhaps sleep deprivation has something to do with this post however I will forge ahead anyways…I know the title sounds corny but when you are stuck on an airplane for 8 hours and only 1 movie is played and … Continue reading

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