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Bidets Unite!

Apparently, not all bidets are created equal. Who knew! For the past two years I’ve been knee deep in drama I would rather pass on, a book project that I had a love/hate relationship with (resistance can be quite powerful) … Continue reading

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IMA Innovative Troublemaker

Ahhh, I’ve been off work for a month and I think it has rained every day. Now that I am back in the city it’s sunshine and blue skies! For the past month, I was up in Portofino for some … Continue reading

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Vintage Books

I have mastered the art of procrastination, and there are still more books to be cleaned and beans to be planted. Long story on the beans, but lets just say that they aren’t going to end up on my plate … Continue reading

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Flowers? What flowers?

Oh! Those flowers…I found them in an abandoned field. Honest! The flower thief strikes again. It saddens me that every time I go upstairs to our old house, the more overgrown and abandoned it looks. I just want to go … Continue reading

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A cat lover’s delight

Everyone knows that Coco, my Regina Coco Ragdoll cat, is the center of my Universe, so it is only fitting that I would love to read a book about a cat. But this book is quite special and I loved … Continue reading

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Truly delightful

Admittedly, I am not one to promote anything. In fact, I hate it when people try to sell me something, which I know is a bit odd coming from someone who used to work in Advertising. Perhaps because I could … Continue reading

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Eat, Sleep, Swim

As the ship starts to rattle and shake I’m aware that we are docking in another port of call. I open the curtains to darkness and a foggy view of Nassau, Bahamas on the horizon. The Atlantis hotel stands in … Continue reading

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