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Life’s full of Surprises

These last few mornings I have been desperately trying to sleep past 7 a.m. so that I can catch up on some sleep. I love the early mornings because it isn’t quite as stifling hot yet and you can get … Continue reading

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Bird crap & Canadian hunting

Anyways, the birds for now will be my new nemesis just like the wild boar are up in the country house…and didn’t I just read a blog recently written by an Italian girl who moved to Canada who wants to know why we like to hunt? There’s your answer my dear! Clean laundry and in tact zucchini plants! Continue reading

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Forbidden tomatoes

It’s really a shame that I was gone all of August because it looks like my cherry tomato plant has flourished in my absence. Last week it was exploding with ripe tomatoes and let’s face it I can only eat … Continue reading

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Boring is underrated

If my life was boring I suppose I wouldn’t be blogging, or maybe I would still be blogging and nobody would be reading it? Anyways, as life would have it, apparently boring is not my style. And believe me when … Continue reading

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One little piggy, two…

Oh my God, FOUR! The little critters have been breaking into the yard and tearing up everything. After being in the city for 3 days working I returned to large dug out holes and dirt everywhere. Luckily they seem to … Continue reading

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Bees and Boars

Today was the perfect day for a road trip to the house in the country. Some much needed quiet time was is order and the fresh air was calling me. Although the Autumn leaves are starting to fall, today was … Continue reading

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