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Getting drunk with the Internet guy

Having a house renovated can be quite stressful. I cannot tell you how many bottles of wine I’ve killed over the past year just to keep my sanity. The walls are presently being redone and the guy said ten days … Continue reading

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Coming up for air

Adventures ahoy! You know when people tell you they are really busy and you think in the back of your mind really? Are you really that busy, or do you think I will be impressed if you seem to be busy? … Continue reading

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A beautiful life

In today’s world, no one seems to want an authentic connection anymore. I’m feeling the weight of the sugar coated Facebook and Instagram posts and if I am not online, then I am surrounded by people swimming in the sea … Continue reading

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I’ve been hacked again!

Dear readers…there was a post that appeared about losing weight. It was not from me! Anyone who knows me, knows that I would have never posted about losing weight! Sorry for the spam, or whatever you call it! I am … Continue reading

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Bumper sticker

This one is for apollard…

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A man with a gun

I make it a habit to look in my rearview mirror a lot. When you drive in Italy, this actually makes a whole lotta sense because Italian drivers are insane and they will creep up from behind you on both … Continue reading

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Buon Ann0!

Hello everyone! As you can see, I have hardly been posting lately. It has been a very busy year with a lot of projects on the go. Painting has swept me away but I am also the starting point of … Continue reading

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