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Verona. Wherefore art thou?

  Let’s face it, Romeo and Juliette is mostly about a cute rich chick on a balcony who fell in love with the dude from the wrong family and then a religious guy who meddled into their business and screwed … Continue reading

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Spring by the sea

Just a few photos I took on a delightful hike from San Rocco to Punta Chiappa near Camogli…hope you enjoy them!

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Reviews are bullsh*t sheep mentality

Look, I’m like one of those top contributors on TripAdvisor because way back when, before 50, I was naïve. Yep, that’s right. I believed that my reviews would help someone who wanted to do the same stuff I did, and help … Continue reading

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Eau du what?

I’d been making plans for a while now to return to Grasse to take a “perfume workshop” but as life kept getting in the way of all my fun, it looked like it was never going to happen. Until today, … Continue reading

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Airbnb misadventures

Destination: Nice, France. I’ve never used Airbnb before but wasn’t too concerned. I figured it had to be at least a step up from couch surfing and hostels, right? When I arrived at the meeting time and place I had a … Continue reading

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Did someone mention Menton?

You know we all have towns that we pass through to get to where we’re going, right? For me that town was Menton. It’s a seaside village in France which borders on Italy. I was not really that aware of … Continue reading

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Fifty miles…Padam, padam, padam

Here we are click here to see how goofy 50 is… Wow! Fifty years, half a century, and here I am still standing. If you say it in miles it really doesn’t sound that far at all, does it? I’m 50! … Continue reading

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