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Cold beer…mmmm

Ok, I lied, I am going to post something after two days at camp. I’m hanging in there but wow, what a task, I don’t even get time to pee in the daytime! Italian kids are so high maintenance that … Continue reading

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Bad to the bone

Recently, I’ve noticed what a terrible influence I have been on my husband. I have subtly turned him into a Canadian or actually, I replica of me! Let me explain. I have a potty mouth and I use a plethora … Continue reading

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Married to Popeye

 My husband will be home within the next two weeks but until he is on “terra firma” I won’t believe it. Being on a ship is similar to that song Hotel California, ‘you can check-out anytime you like, but you can … Continue reading

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I’ve seriously got Zip Zen

It probably won’t come as a shock to you when I tell you that I have nicknamed my yoga teacher the “Yoga Nazi”. Every Tuesday, I willingly allow this woman to physically torture and embarrass me for a full hour. … Continue reading

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It’s official! I’m married

Married to this blog for a mere 26 bucks that is. I find it hard to believe that it all started in June, 2009 (thank you Elora for inspiring me and pointing me in the right direction – you’re the … Continue reading

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Where’s Waldo? (errrr, Leah)

Have I ever mentioned how much I should have married a Tuscan instead of a Ligurian man? Where the heck am I? Well, as mentioned in San Gimignano…I’m back in Tuscany. I know, I just can’t seem to get enough … Continue reading

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Picking up the pieces

It’s Saturday night and after the week I’ve had I am quite content on staying home. Hotdogs and Vermentino for dinner suits me just fine (I accidentally froze the ricotta which was supposed to go in my dinner). Perhaps it … Continue reading

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