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Tales or references about my Italian mother in law

What are you made of?

Yesterday I realized that I have inherited the wimp gene. The only problem is, I don’t know who I inherited it from. Or, maybe instead of saying wimp I should say over sensitive and emotional? Coco has had her ups … Continue reading

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IMA Innovative Troublemaker

Ahhh, I’ve been off work for a month and I think it has rained every day. Now that I am back in the city it’s sunshine and blue skies! For the past month, I was up in Portofino for some … Continue reading

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Damsel in Distress

Luckily, I had just spent a weekend with Helen Kerrison…when you’re in her presence, it’s like drinking a large cup of camomile tea. She has this way of seeing things that stops me from losing my cool (remember that I’m a hot, humid, sticky mess and just spent an hour in a non air-conditioned car). Would I be late for my plans to meet Ari? Yes. Will I have to pay a locksmith a small fortune to get back into my house? Maybe. Well, if that’s the worse that could happen then I think I’ll be ok. Breathe…Zen…Breathe. Continue reading

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No direction

If I had my very own boy band I think I would call it NO DIRECTION. I just spent a few weeks working on my mosaic and then I got pulled into a different direction and my mosaic suffered a … Continue reading

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Pimp my Panda

When I was a kid, I really liked cool cars. My dad had a white Ford Mustang in the sixties and my mom had a red Volkswagon Bug with these enormous daisies all over it. I remember sitting in the … Continue reading

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Permanently screwed!

Tonight is a big celebration of sorts. You see, after jumping through many bureaucratic hoops, I now possess a Permanent Visa to stay in Italy, Eeep! Another celebration will soon come when I pass my driving test next week…but that … Continue reading

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I love Spring flowers :)

Ok, so aside from this lovely photo…I have just spent the weekend with Mama and my back is aching. She saw a plant that she wanted moved. It was raining and I was sweating with a broken shovel. It took … Continue reading

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