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Tales about my Ragdoll kitty

I love Spring flowers :)

Ok, so aside from this lovely photo…I have just spent the weekend with Mama and my back is aching. She saw a plant that she wanted moved. It was raining and I was sweating with a broken shovel. It took … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Italian Wordplay

Here’s a list of words that I won’t say in Italian to my 11-year old students: 1) Piselli: it means green pea, but Italians also refer to it as men’s twins below the beltline… 2) Anno: if not careful to … Continue reading

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This is my life…

24 hours and a day. Yes, that is how long I have been waiting. For what you may ask, well I will tell you soon enough. I’ve got company coming over in four hours. I need to clean this place … Continue reading

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

For some silly reason I am really into the Christmas spirit this year. I have no idea why except for maybe Elora’s generous offer of her tree has had a profound affect on me. I was planning to go see … Continue reading

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The lazy Christmas elf

Bill Gates once said if you want to find the best short cuts give the job to your laziest employee. Elora gave me her xmas tree this year and this will be a first for me. I have not had … Continue reading

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Feck! It’s my new favourite word

Today’s topic is the weather. Why? Well, because the seasons are changing again and everyone wants to comment on how much rain we are getting or if it has started to snow yet in Canada. Well, I for one would … Continue reading

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Cacca is just that…Cacca

Okay, so my last post was obviously a rant. So let me now clarify the rest of the story because as usual, I’m always the last to know anything around here and now I feel a bit like a shit … Continue reading

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