Crackhouse Camper Van

Ever wonder what the guidelines are for Air Bnb? Yeah, me too. When I travel, I often like to take the road less travelled. It always ends up being worth the risk and offers up tons of blogging opportunities too. A few years back, I booked a room in Nice, France using the above mentioned website. My host was a pink haired photographer who owned a psycho cat and a rat and her apartment smelled like a coffee house in Amsterdam.

Fast forward to this year and I decided to give the website another shot…

I rented a beautiful upper half of a house located on a ravine and river. The house was perfect! Clean and well equipped and centrally located.

I was told to be respectful of the permanent tenants who lived below and shared half the deck and driveway. What I didn’t expect was that there would be an RV parked in front which was plugged into the side of the house and obviously used on a daily basis as a smoking hut of sorts.

If you know me at all then you know that I have a pretty wild imagination and my affection for the Netflix series Breaking Bad had me conjuring up all kinds of scenarios of what was really going on in that RV. It didn’t really take much to spark my imagination since the second night in, I was confronted by a wild-eyed cat staring at me from inside and when I passed the open window there was no mistaking that that cat was as high as a kite!

The old faded blankets covering the windshield and all the windows made this crazy situation all the more fascinating to me. I randomly caught a glimpse of the girl who lived below, her pink and blond hair made me wonder if that crazy rat loving photographer from Nice had followed me to Canada or if there was some kind of secret club on Air Bnb that stated pink haired women all got automatic five star ratings.

By the end of the week I had summed up that there was a major drug ring operation happening in the driveway inside that camper van and that the poor cat was held against his fuzzy will. I started to get paranoid about leaving the door unlocked and wondered if almost getting arrested on a Cayman Island beach back in 2001, with my hippy, California, weed-smoking friend, may have had a long term affect on me. By the way, she did get arrested. I didn’t. I’m squeaky clean when it comes to drugs but I am also a magnet for trouble. It follows me everywhere.

Anyway, it created some great stories to tell at the wedding and by the end of the week that RV was cooking with crack and the pink haired girl was a bad-ass drug lord, hahaha.

My question to you guys is this though…what the hell kind of rating do I put on Air bnb and should I bother mentioning this to the owner of the house or do you think he is in the know already? He contacted me several times to ask if all was ok and each time I just replied that all was great.

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4 Responses to Crackhouse Camper Van

  1. lhsh2014 says:

    I think I would leave that one alone. You do have great adventures.

    Lin and Thermo Sent from my iPhone


  2. Laurel says:

    It needs to be mentioned. Maybe even in the review. Other guests might not be so tolerant, not to mention there is a danger factor. I am not a fan of Airbnb. I am always reading stories about rentals that were not represented honestly on the site, and their “strict” cancellation policies are draconian. While I have my share of vacation rental stories to tell, VRBO has never dished up anything I felt was dangerous. Oh, and tell the SPCA. Poor kitty!

  3. I would mention it to the landlord. It’s up to him to deal with it or not. Someone not as tolerant is going to put a terrible rating on it. You don’t live there so there really are no consequences for you.

  4. Bruce says:

    You may as well leave things as they are for pot will be legal in Canada in two months.
    Just put it in your experiances as something to remember with a smile. As Lin says, “you do have great adventures”. Mark this down as another one.

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