Catch up October!

Time for a quick recap since my last post. October brought us fantastic weather and we were able to harvest the olives this year. We had a great crop and after only picking half our trees, we managed to haul in almost a thousand pounds of olives!

As you can see above, my husband is home and so I also took him on one of my car rallies which just happened to be in Portofino. We had a mishap with the car of course because well, that’s just how I roll, and the hood came flying up into the windshield! Scared the crap out of me but thankfully no one got hurt. Here are a few fun pics of the day with the Fiat 500Club of Italy…

Halloween was a flurry of activities too with a show for the kids in Recco, with my dance troupe, and I also did my annual trip to Lucca for the Comicon festival which I only had time to take part in two days and not the full five. We kinda got rained out and unfortunately the house renovation is still going on and I could not be away for the full festival. But, I still managed to squeeze in lots of costume changes and take many photos of the awesome cosplayers everywhere. Yes, that is me in the Robin costume…a bit of yellow foam, black paint and a hot glue gun and it was a pretty quick and easy costume to put together on a time and money budget.

So, that wraps up October pretty much and when you put it into a neat little blog post it seems like it was a pretty breezy month. To sum it up, Olives, Cars and Costumes! Oh My!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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