Genoa – Genova

I came across this nice video today and decided to also share it here. Genoa doesn’t get that many tourists compared to other more popular Italian cities.

Video of Genova here.

Personally, there are many things for me that I love about this city and region and then there are also many things that I hate. This region can be quite difficult at times, we get a lot of rain in the winter, along with severe flooding, it is quite windy and some of the people can be quite grumpy and rude (life is not easy here and I myself can be quite grumpy).

On the other hand, it is unique compared to other Italian cities because it is more genuine and real to me. The food is also very different and walking around here there are many interesting pockets inside the historic center and a feeling like no other. I feel safer here compared to other cities and it is a small city that is easy to navigate on foot, train, bus and boat. Oh, and elevators…the bus company operates several elevators that take you to the top of the city by use of a stamped bus ticket!

I’ve been living here for 9 years and there are still things to discover about this ancient city and everytime I walk past the giant fountain at Piazza de Ferrari I do have to pinch myself.

I moved to Genoa because of my love for a man on a boat…

My good friend, Di Mackey, moved to Genoa because of her love for the city. She moved here a year ago after much coaxing from me to get her to cat sit for me last summer and my covert plan worked! My cats adore her and so does this city!

She already knows more about this place than me and spends every day photographing the streets of Genoa and posting them on her Facebook page. She also offers Photography Workshops here, sells her photos and is just a joy to hang out with because of her vast life experiences, love of art, music, people, red wine and everything Genovese and of course her big, crazy Kiwi heart.

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    Hey you!! Thank you. Much love xxx

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