Change of heart

Somewhere in all this summer heat I’ve found myself again. Hot, sweaty and tired but slowly I feel like I am coming out of the fog of my life. Of course, I am fully aware that this could just be a temporary calm before the inevitable storm ahead since there is still a road ahead of me that includes finishing a stressful renovation, a big move and change of vocation which offers no promises or guarantees to be better than before. But move forward I must, since going backwards is never an option.

So, with that in mind, what lies ahead could be promising, fun and full of opportunities too. For as long as Italy is my chosen country, I have shared on this blog the good, the bad and the ugly. Lately, there has been a lot of ugly so it is time to share some of the good again. I cannot continue to allow other people’s energy rob me of mine.

Hiking is something I stumbled into when I moved here. It is a way of life and my area is full of interesting paths and I have the good fortune to soon be living inside a national park, up on a mountain which is surrounded by the sea!

Depression is my dark horse and I often lock myself indoors for days. This has been one reason why I have been pushing so hard to move to the countryside where going outside will not cause me immediate stress and anxiety. I have lived in big cities but being an apartment dweller has never really been my thing. One of the reasons I quit working on ships was that the dark cabins made me claustrophobic and anxious because I was forced to be sociable the moment I stepped out my cabin door.

Anyway, my change of heart is this… I have decided not to completely abandon this blog and have written a post about my latest adventure for you so I hope you enjoy it.

Now that the weather is cooling off again I have resumed my love of “slow hiking”. Recently, I went back to a favourite trail which is located above Camogli. It is a place I have always found peace and somehow feel like I belong there. Who knows, maybe one day I will even find myself living in the tiny village they call San Rocco di Camogli.

It is a short hike (30 mins) from San Rocco to Punta Chiappa with many steps towards the sea and for each step down I am reminded I must retrace these steps back up too. The hike is an easy loop if you want it to be, or you can also carry on towards other destinations like San Fruttuoso Abby, but for me, my destination is always the same, the point of Stelle Maris. A mosaic, which is built on top of a large, rocky perch called Punta Chiappa which juts out to sea and is worth every step.

If you get tired and don’t want to climb the many steps back uphill, you can always take a boat back to Camogli and then a bus back to San Rocco to fetch your car too. Added bonus for someone like me since really the title of this post should be “the lazy hiker”.

When I arrived at Stelle Maris I learned something new this time. There are some steps along the rocks that you can climb and then jump into the sea for a swim! I had no idea. I didn’t wear my swimsuit but was very tempted to jump in with my clothes on. There were quite a few people there enjoying this added bonus too but I do believe this is one of the regions best kept secrets since it was obviously locals who were splashing about in proper attire. Or maybe I am just clueless and hadn’t noticed those steps to the sea all these years?

Anyway, I took a few snapshots for you…and I will be heading back there this week with my swimsuit on!


x Leah



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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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5 Responses to Change of heart

  1. Good for you! Camogli is on my list for next year and as one of my blogs is ProjectEasyHiker, you can be certain I will try this one.

  2. apollard says:

    Beautiful pictures and so lovely to hear about hiking and swimming when we are just awakening from winter in New Zealand where I live. I relate to your bouts with the dark horse, a side effect of being a deep thinker and deep carer I suspect. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and hope you stick with it when you can, it offers an insight into Italian life I can only fantasise about not yet being in a position to move there. All the very best with your move, I hope it brings the happiness you seek.

  3. Cyndy says:

    I’m so glad to read this Sugarplum!!! Love you!!!

  4. Di says:

    So good to read this. I’m so happy for you!! xx

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