Bidets Unite!

Apparently, not all bidets are created equal. Who knew! For the past two years I’ve been knee deep in drama I would rather pass on, a book project that I had a love/hate relationship with (resistance can be quite powerful) and a house renovation. If you follow this blog, then you know firsthand that with all these other pots on my stove, I have not been posting as much as usual. But, hopefully that is about to change.

The good news is that my book finally got published. Self-published, but who cares, it is on Amazon and I have paperback copies on the way and some positive feedback so far, yay! And, here is the caveat…it is written in a pen-name. For many reasons that I will not go into here, but I do invite you to send an email,  if you want to know more about the book or how to get a copy.

Now, back to those pesky bidets. The house renovation is now in full swing. Walls have been knocked down and there seems to be a mad rush to choose fixtures, etc. What I would like to know is how can I tell a builder where I want my electrical sockets to go if I don’t even know where my bathroom sink will be? This is madness. The one bathroom alone has gone through at least ten different layout designs…years from now, I will still be bumping my head into walls, in the dark, for that midnight pee!

Before this past weekend, I never considered the differences in a toilet or bidet and never really cared that much. Oh wait, I still don’t! But alas, I have spent countless hours, that I will never get back, looking at bidet after bidet at shop after shop (ok, I exaggerated a bit, only 3 shops, but it felt so much like 10). Listen, I love design. But I also don’t come from the convention that everything has to be matchy, matchy either, but clearly I must be crazy for my selections.

With my hand held firmly, I am being guided down the path towards the light. My designer friends are probably getting a good chuckle from this. My whole life I have tried to colour inside the lines and that has never worked for me. As soon as I started colouring outside those crazy lines, miraculously, my life started to fit me better.

Anyway, I guess when it comes to basic things like bidets, it is best to follow some kinda magic formula (and the ‘so called experts’) just in case someone comes to visit, if only to reduce any suspicion that you may have been on acid for two years while making your selections.

Exhibit A…of course I can see the differences, but if I was in your house, using your bidet…I doubt I would even notice, let alone care! I’m more interested in whether or not you have toilet paper, to be honest. Maybe that is the North American in me, but toilet paper is your friend and bidets are to wash your stinky feet in, aren’t they?

I shall leave my crazy crayon box alone for now and let the experts point my sorry soul in the right direction and then buy colourful towels in pink and neon green for revenge, muahahahaha

Until we meet again!

xo L




About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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5 Responses to Bidets Unite!

  1. Nice to see you blog again!

  2. jan finger says:

    Yes!! I would love info on your book

    Love your blog



  3. Cynthia Preston says:

    You Rock!! Your book is amazing! I loved it! Looking forward to the next one!

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