A man with a gun

I make it a habit to look in my rearview mirror a lot. When you drive in Italy, this actually makes a whole lotta sense because Italian drivers are insane and they will creep up from behind you on both sides and if you aren’t ready for them you will not only be eating their dust but you will most likely also get into an accident that they instigated but are no longer in sight.

Today, I got off the highway and started heading towards our house in the countryside. It’s in a pretty posh (snobby really) area so it is not unusual to see expensive cars zipping around. I was stopped at a traffic light, which was designated for a one-lane construction detour, so it was a pretty long light. When I started to move again at the green, I was at the head of the line so I made sure to look in my rearview mirror for any aggressive scooters who always try and squeak by to the front.

The weather today was pretty mild. We had a huge thunderstorm earlier and now it was like Spring. I even had my window down a crack to take in the fresh air breezing off the windy seaside. But…when I looked at the car behind me, there was a man in the backseat, his window was completely down, and he had his elbow resting on the door and his hand out the window pointing a small hand gun towards the wall we were passing. I honestly had to blink because I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. But there he was, waving a gun around out his window! Shit! Shit! Shit!

I was driving, so obviously I also had to look at the road ahead of me too. I did another glance in the mirror and tried desperately to memorize the license plate but I am hopeless. I was so flustered than none of the letters or numbers would stick into my head. I grabbed my phone and was desperately thinking of how I could snap a photo of the car without them noticing but they were really close behind me and I suddenly worried that they would shoot me if I took their photo.

I slowed down hoping for stopped traffic so I could quickly write it down when they abruptly turned right and disappeared towards the train station. I debated whether I should double back to the station to get the plate information or find the nearest police officer. I opted for plan B.

Only a few meters ahead, I spotted a policeman. I pulled over, honked quickly and waved him to me. He got angry at me and told me I could not stop there! I was like dude, come here, I’ve got something important to tell you! He slowly came to my car, I said there was a white Audi behind me, four men inside, someone was waving a gun out the window, they went towards the train station! He said are you sure? I was like what? Yes, I am sure. I’m not a lunatic. Then he asked me if I got their plate number, sigh. I racked my brain trying to recall something, anything and just came up blank.

He got out his phone and made a call and I drove away. I did in fact go to the train station thinking maybe I could sneak past and get the plate information but the car was nowhere in sight. They may have gone into the public parking area but at that point I decided to just leave.

Trying to find a white Audi in this town is not that hard actually. I passed by two others in town and I am sure there were many more so I doubt anything ever came of my frantic conversation with that lazy police officer. I don’t know what I really expected, but it is so frustrating when you pull your car up to a policeman on the road and are honking like a crazy person, that he might have put a bit of energy into why I was acting this way! No wonder no one respects them, they are useless. What if I was hurt? Having a heart attack, had an injured child in my car, sheesh!

And, that was my crazy adventure today! All true. And a bit exciting…as long as no one shot at me of course!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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1 Response to A man with a gun

  1. Yikes! I would have been scared too.

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