The Captain’s wife – part due

I just received the sweetest email from my husband on the ship. He was sent this excerpt below from a guest comment card:

Explain Positive Surprise
I have my picture taken with the captain and his wife, and two days later captain’s wife was jogging and stopped to say hello and if I remembered her and chatted with me for about five minutes I was incredibly impressed !!! Very beautiful and gracious woman
Recognized  Team Member
The captains wife

I had to laugh about the “jogging” bit, it was more like a lazy ten minute walk around the jogging track while wearing what appears to be serious athletic attire, hahaha. Still, very sweet of this guest to take the time to write something so nice about our encounter. We met at a Diamond Member’s brunch with the Captain, which I often attend with my husband.


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2 Responses to The Captain’s wife – part due

  1. The Captains wife is my daughter who I am very proud of. One word that describes my girl “bubbleiicious”.

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