Verona. Wherefore art thou?


Let’s face it, Romeo and Juliette is mostly about a cute rich chick on a balcony who fell in love with the dude from the wrong family and then a religious guy who meddled into their business and screwed everything up. Who needs clift’s notes for that?

But thanks to them, Verona has been called the most romantic place in Italy and well add a little Amarone wine in there for good measure and I tend to agree!

As usual, my husband’s schedule got all messed up again and he came home earlier than expected. Look, four months apart is no picnic either but I have to admit, I like my alone time. I line up all sorts of projects while he is away and when they change his schedule it really messes with my mojo, but…like any smart girl, I certainly would never turn down a romantic weekend  in Verona and an opportunity to drink loads of Amarone wine either.

Did I also mention Amarone risotto? The rain and cooler temperatures just gave us more excuses to eat and drink in all those lovely Osterias everywhere too. Worth mentioning and repeating are: Osteria Enoteca Alcova del Frate and Hostaria la Vecchia Fontanina.

We stayed at an agriturismo at the top of the hill overlooking Verona at Corte San Mattia. While we were there, we sampled their wine, honey, oil and farm fresh eggs, walked through the farmland, hiked to Verona through a path along the olive grove and I even participated in a painting workshop! It was a busy five days!

I would like to give a shout out to the many Verona bloggers who shared their useful tips on how to maximize this experience too. I only wish I remembered where the links are now. One particular tip had me running to catch the Ponte Pietra at sunset and it was magical if you love photography and the game of catching the best light!

I also discovered that I love painting! Who knew that at 50 I would fall in love with painting? I always thought it would be too difficult and decided breaking rocks and making mosaics was way easier and now I’m hooked on acrylics!

I took hundreds of photos and used my ipad, phone and cybershot camera so they are of course scattered everywhere just like me but here are a few to see. I added some pics of our drive towards Austria and also our day trip to Lago di Garda and since I am hooked on painting too, I added some experimental ones I have done this past week. I’m watching some tutorials on Youtube and my mom started painting earlier this year so we are really enjoying sharing our new hobby 🙂

Lambs! Did I mention LAMBS yet? We got four in a row last week, SQUEEEEEE!! I will throw in a few pics of these too. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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5 Responses to Verona. Wherefore art thou?

  1. Yvonne says:

    Off I go to load JavaScript, or I shan’t be able to see your photos.

    • Ohhh, what a pain in the behind 😦 I also saw that I needed it on the ipad after I posted 😦 Next time I will just post thumbnails!!!
      Thanks for making the effort 🙂

      • Yvonne says:

        No, it’s a nice idea, and I think people tend to look at all the photos when they’re in slide format. I’ll check on my tablet and see if I need Java there, also.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Success! And, well worth doing. Are those all your paintings? Acrylics are great, such vibrant colours are possible,

    • Yep, all mine! I am watching youtube demonstrations and having fun exploring this new territory. The first one I did at the class was with oils. I preferred the texture and they were easier to handle but the smell was too strong and in a small apartment not ideal. I already had some tubes of acrylics from crafty projects using stencils so it made sense to switch and learn. I agree, the colours seem to be so vibrant!

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