Reviews are bullsh*t sheep mentality

Look, I’m like one of those top contributors on TripAdvisor because way back when, before 50, I was naïve. Yep, that’s right. I believed that my reviews would help someone who wanted to do the same stuff I did, and help them avoid my mistakes.

I just got back from Nice and was asked to review my accommodations on Airbnb. But I’m not going to. Why? Many reasons. Firstly, I’m a blogger. I already have a voice and like-minded readers. Why should I promote a giant, impersonal travel site for free? (If you disagree, let me hear it).

Secondly, because I believe that making mistakes in life are part of the journey. My mistakes may in fact not be yours. Maybe if I was the same age as my host I would have bonded more with her? Maybe my standard of living is different and I’m just a snob?

Thirdly, who am I to judge? Seriously! I mean this wholeheartedly. Society and social media has pushed us all in the spotlight to be constantly judged or judgemental. I don’t believe I was put here on this earth to meet other people’s approval so why should I pass judgement on others like some Lord of the Land?

Let’s stop being sheep. Read a blog. Get the whole story. In fact, my recent trip to Paris is proof of that. I had been targetting Marais district for months, then read several blogs about Paris. I got the whole story and realized that while Marais may have been the trendy, hot spot to stay, it wasn’t for me. I’m not hot (unless you count my menopausal flashes) or trendy (I would much rather set them than follow them).

I ended up with a Paris experience that was best suited to my personality. Not the masses. Not the guidebook version. I discovered a book at the rental, it was a glossy, hard cover book about all the little specialty shops across Paris. Every night I read through the pages and while walking around I stumbled upon a few and knew all about them from the book!

Did I miss some iconic places? You bet. Did it matter? Nope.

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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6 Responses to Reviews are bullsh*t sheep mentality

  1. Well said and I totally agree!

  2. Thanks! The Internet is a great place to research things but it is getting very crowded out there with ads and noise. I have thought about monetizing my blog but whenever I see flashy blogs by others I get turned off. I wonder if they are saying nice things about xyz because they now have an agenda to keep their sponsors? I know WordPress puts ads on my blog for others to see, but it is a free service. I have no intention in paying to write so I accept WPress ads as the trade off.

    • BerLinda says:

      Yeah, same. I’ve also considered monetising, but would hate people to think I was saying nice things just for the sake of it. I’m nothing if not brutally honest! 😉

  3. apollard says:

    Just to follow along with the comments, I always seem to loose interest in bloggers once their site becomes monetised, they change and seem to loose their voice and clarity and passion. It becomes slick and flashy, focused on product and hotel, high end and money. Love real and quirky and passionate.

  4. Neno says:


    Thank you for this great post.

    I also dont like tripadvisor. There is also another problem. People get very picky and complain about every little thing.

    This hurts some nice usuallu smaller hotels.



    • I agree. People raise their expectations to ridiculous and unrealistic levels and it is not real life. There is this cookie cutter standard that leaves out adventure, chance and rainy days. I think as long as you put forward an effort worthy of your price and offer then that should be enough. It shouldn’t be about ratings but about people and connections. I remember how I was before I started to travel more. I had high expectations because I only got two weeks vacation a year and the pressure to make it perfect was huge.

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