Fifty miles…Padam, padam, padam

Here we are click here to see how goofy 50 is…

Wow! Fifty years, half a century, and here I am still standing. If you say it in miles it really doesn’t sound that far at all, does it?

I’m 50! I have a lot of living to do still and it is not going to be in front of a computer screen…unless of course it’s raining and I have a fuzzy cat in my lap. But what I will tell you is that spending my birthday in Paris was such an incredible gift and not in my wildest dreams did I think I would celebrate this milestone birthday with such a splash. In fact, it was my sister’s choice and sadly she reconsidered after the November attack. I get it, I was pretty freaked about it too.

To recap, my life got complicated in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. I sat on the fence about cancelling and my options were slim with limited time and money. On top of that, my husband got notice to return to work 4 days before my birthday so I just decided I would go to Paris alone. Then, my best friend of 35 years, who is also turning 50 this year, spontaneously bought a plane ticket and viola, a few days later we were sipping Champagne next to the Seine together!

They say third time’s a charm and I have to agree. This was my third trip to Paris and with all the hoopla must-see and do stuff out of the way, I was able to really soak up the Parisian lifestyle. Every morning I went for walks in the rain, bought fresh pastries at the local bakery and just took in the energy of the city.

Of course I still went back to the Louvre, took in an amazing Sunday mass at Notre Dame cathedral, and was moved to tears when the priest started singing in Latin in this rich, baritone voice. It was magical. I also ate steak tartar and drank too much Champagne the first day and had one heck of a tummy ache the next morning, but, c’est la vie, that’s what pharmacies are for!

I also dyed my hair pink and bought a suede coat from the 70’s that I found at a Vintage shop called Come on Eileen.

My birthday was spent watching a performance by French singer extraordinaire, Caroline Nin, at a small jazz club called Club Raye, in the Marais district. I was so impressed with her that after every song I just kept saying wow. She came over to chat with me afterwards and she is so incredibly nice that I just wanted to scoop her up and take her home to hang out for the next decade.

The cherry on top was a breakneck ride on the back of a pedal bike with Jonathan! We sailed through red lights, jumped curbs and zigzagged along sidewalk cafes while listening to Edith Piaf sing La vie en Rose at full volume. We covered every district and I was laughing so hard that I thought I would fall off the bike! In fact, we had so much fun that the next day we did it all over again! I know, silly girls, but quite honestly, this was the best way to see Paris! Click on the link below to experience a silly video. (I will explain the chicken hat another day, lol) Salut!

Paris 2016

To get you in the mood…enjoy while Edith sings No regrets…Non, Je ne Regrette Rien


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4 Responses to Fifty miles…Padam, padam, padam

  1. jan says:

    I’m so glad you celebrated your birthday in Paris!! And what a friend to jump on a plane and join you. Your trip sounds amazing. I’m anxious for my “#3” trip when I can absorb the Parisian life.

    • Jan, it really does make such a difference in your stress and attitude when returning to such an iconic city the third time. It must have been obvious too because I got asked for directions twice, once actually by a French person! Such a compliment!

  2. says:

    I love you I love you I love you!!!

  3. Cyndy says:

    I love you I love you I love you!!!!

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