The Endless Heat and Water Saga…

Is it just me or are most people really bad at math? The reason I ask is that I seem to be having a lot of blonde moments lately when people tell me numbers. You see, one of the first things you usually learn in a new language are numbers and days, right?

So why is it then, when the apartment building administrator said the workers needed to come into my unit to replace the heaters, they said one day and it was actually three? Did I miss something? That was last week of course and since they had to turn off the water, well, you know what happened next? They turned it back on and viola, there was a leaky pipe connected to my bathroom which proceeded to ruin the ceiling of the guy below me.

The plumber came over, and a whole gaggle of other people too. I was told it would take three consecutive days to repair the pipes. I was not too happy about this but was lucky to at least have the use of the bathroom next door where the apartment is empty and also belongs to my landlord.

The plumber said he would come Monday but that turned into Wednesday and now he is telling me the job will be complete next Wednesday! Are you freaking kidding me? THREE DAYS DUDE! NOT SEVEN…!

Of course on top of that, I had to hand over a key because I am juggling my work schedule and this just so happens to be an unusually busy time for me. Also, Mama couldn’t come over because it’s too dusty and even Coco is camping out at her house because I have a revolving door of contractors all day. I can’t get much work done because they keep interrupting me asking questions or banging and making noise.

I’m pretty sure that the postman and pizza guy think there is a spa next door because they keep seeing me wandering the corridor in my bathrobe 😦

Ok guys, basta! I know the difference between 3 and 7, stop lying to me and give me my apartment and quiet life back! I really just want a nap with my kitty, is that too much to ask for?

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to The Endless Heat and Water Saga…

  1. Dave says:

    We have learned to never let workers work in our home with us there. This was a good post and is a real thing that happens a lot in Italy.

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