Medieval Madness at Lucca Comics & Games 2015

Ok, so before you get all medieval on me about not posting much lately, here is why…

I’ve always been a big fan of Halloween but certainly never expected to become a Cosplayer in my late 40’s! My first Halloween party in Italy was in 2008. I spent a week making a giant sunflower costume and then it poured down rain and less than 15 people showed up the house party I went to.

I quickly learned from other expats that Halloween was not really a big thing here. Well, fast forward a few years and it seems that all that has changed. Last year, a small group of us drove two hours south to a medieval town in Tuscany, called Lucca. Mostly famous for their thermal spas, and yes, I have tried them and they are wonderful!

Comicon, or what is known as Lucca Comics and Games, is a worldwide event that seems to have caught fire in Italy and Cosplayers and spectators are coming out in droves. The costumes are unbelievable and there are some who take this quite seriously.

The four day event started with us walking through all the games tents and checking out body armour, swords etc. Some of the people in my group had a different costume for every day of the event. Packing the car has become an artform when you drive a Smartcar!

Last year, I went as Merida, from Brave and Anna, from Frozen. Both Disney. This year, I went as Ursula, from the Little Mermaid and Cersei, from Game of Thrones. I have to admit, although I really loved playing Merida, with the long, red curls, playing Cersei has been a blast. A wine drinking, scheming bitch with great fashion sense, how could I possibly resist?

We added my friend’s parents to our Game of Thrones group, they are in their 70’s, and the media photographers went nuts taking photos of us. They loved my friend’s dad and kept him for 20+ minutes snapping away photo after photo of him with us in the background. I got really lucky too, when at the beginning of the parade I found a nice boy who played my son Joffrey! We walked together and he chatted in English with me. I gave him a glass of wine… 😉 (no, it was not poisonous, I’m his mother!!!!)

Here are some of the photos of me and my friends, hope you enjoy them!

(PS. A big shout-out goes to my mom who worked tirelessly on my dress, and my uncle who made my belt, my brother-in-law, who made my necklace, my sister, for giving me her shoes, and my sister-in-law, who took me shopping for hair extensions! Next year, my brother, who is a steel machinist, is going to make me a breastplate, Woohooo!)

Cersei on throne

In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die – Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones

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2 Responses to Medieval Madness at Lucca Comics & Games 2015

  1. lhsh2014 says:

    Oh Leah you’re too much.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Lin…do you know how difficult it is to pee in costume too?
      And I had to pay 60 cents for the privilege in the public toilet and they actually gave me a receipt! hahahaha, only in Italy do they think it is necessary to prove you paid the taxes to pee!

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