The Accidental Fashion Diva – Italian EXPO 2015

Malaysia’s Enchanting Elegance Fashion Show…

I admit, I didn’t really have much desire to go to Milan to experience Expo 2015. That was until I heard the words “Malaysia and free VIP tickets to a fashion show featuring Malaysia’s best designers” (I can now happily check, fashion show in Milan, off my bucket list, but I am doomed because I loved it and want more, more, more!)


The cherry on top was that a lifetime achievement award was also being presented to Jimmy Choo! Oh, and did I mention that the Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife were there AND the Malaysian royal family AND, that after the show we were treated to a traditional meal and entertainment in a white tent that had crystal chandeliers?

Oh no, I’m sorry, I can’t come with you, I have to scrape the callusses off my feet today…NOT! I quickly jumped out of my pj’s, threw my only designer duds into a duffle bag and hit the highway to meet up with my friend.

The fact that it was a bit rainy and my hair was misbehaving and as big as Krusty the clown, did not curb my enthusiasm one bit. We were greeted by so many wonderful people and I traded (temporarily) my Salvatore Ferragamo bag for a gorgeous orange Sakura Malaysia one. The colour and design were stunning and the details and workmanship top notch. Of course, I was so busy looking at everything, I didn’t bother take take any photos but there were many photographers there so if you go online and see a big haired blonde holding a nice tangerine bag, well that was me.

The best part, the fashion show, featured some stunning outfits and I wanted to buy them all. I was really wishing that they would hit the repeat button and do the whole show on a continuous loop for me so that I could examine the intricate details at every angle. I have always liked fashion but I even surprised myself at how into it I was.

The designers in the show were:

“A forest garden” collection by Jantique, I got to meet her after the show and she was lovely.

“Songket fusion” collection by Bon Zainal

“Diva of Songket” collection by Carven Ong

“La dolce vita” collection by Qudyn

“Jewel in a crown” Haute Couture collection by Radzuan Radziwill

So a big thank you goes out to my Malaysian friend and all her beautiful, warm, Malaysian friends who graciously invited me into their secret garden to take a glimpse of this wonderful culture full of vivid colours, flavours and magic. I have just added a trip to Malaysia onto my bucket list too 🙂

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4 Responses to The Accidental Fashion Diva – Italian EXPO 2015

  1. Sounds wonderful! Of course you had me at Jimmy Choo!

  2. Patricia Delaney-Lowery says:

    Good grief my girl. Get it all while you can and get a bigger bucket. You are my hero. Mom

  3. Shelley says:

    I think I need a bucket!!!!!

  4. Becci King says:

    I’m so thrilled you got to experience this!!! If you need a companion next time…I’m available 😍

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