Counting chickens and sheep

Have you ever tried to catch a chicken or sheep? Let me tell you it’s not all that easy…


Ziggy, our male sheep, is a little stinker and he likes to head butt everyone. While this is kinda cute, it’s not so cute when he gets you in the shin! Yesterday, we had to move him to the lower field because we had two men working on the yard and they were afraid of Ziggy. We instructed the men to be sure to close the upper gate because the other three females, Marley, Sansa and Zoe, were still in the upper half of the hill.

About an hour later, I walked out onto the terrace and there were all three females in the driveway! We quickly tried to coral them behind the gate along with Ziggy and then of course one of the chickens escaped! Oy vey! Now what?

We got two inside but Marley is and always has been a slippery one and she refused to play along with our little game. So now I had a sheep and a chicken wandering around the driveway. After 20 minutes, I finally managed to get the chicken back inside. I was so happy! Marley would get tired sooner or later and I was sure we could get her in before dark.

Then I turned around and there was another chicken outside the gate! What the? Turns out the little buggers know how to hop over the fence! We have white chickens that can fly but the brown ones can’t but nobody told me they were smart enough to know how to hop fences!

Finally, just before nightfall we got Marley into the yard with a bribe of food and well, the chicken just hopped back over the fence, the smart ass.

Coco is snoring beside me and we are both snuggled up on the couch in front of the fireplace. It’s raining outside so I have no intensions of counting the chickens or sheep today…they will just have to figure things out for themselves.

Buona Domenica Tutti!

xo Leah

About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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