Ahoy mate, blow da horn!


This past New Year’s Eve, my husband was the Captain! While I was extremely happy for him and proud, my first and only thought at the moment he got called back to work, was that I will get to blow the horn on the bridge at midnight (yes, I really am only 12 years old).

Who cares about live music and free champagne…I just wanted to toot that horn. It’s so loud that the ship resonates with a vibration like a copper bowl hit with a soft mallet. There’s something Zenlike about it and I wanted to hold the key. A few years ago, the Captain let me do it and now I’m hooked.

So, how did that comedy of events turn out for me? Well, not only did I miss my chance, I also totally missed the countdown to midnight too, hahaha. First, we had to be on Lido deck so my husband could make an announcement to the guests. During his speech, the microphone went dead because guest services made an announcment about a missing child…all 10 minutes before midnight. Talk about crappy timing!

Once that was done we decided to run to the bridge for the countdown. Now you can just imagine, we were at the center of the ship and needed to get to the front and down three decks and there I was, wearing 6 inch heels with a recently injured foot and I had already drank a few glasses of wine too. We sprinted across the deck and suddenly had to put the brakes on because a guest wanted a photo with the Captain. 1-2-3, strike a pose. And again, 1-2-3, strike a pose, I felt like I was in a Madonna video.

By the time we finally arrived on the bridge, I was hobbling like an injured cat and headed straight for the console with the horn… “Did I miss it? Did I miss it?” In the dark, there was this petite social host with a walkie talkie, who I am pretty sure was wondering who the heck is this crazy, amazon lunatic they let on the bridge? I seriously towered over her and asked her what her name was and did she blown the horn yet. In the moment, I’m pretty sure I was ready to tackle her to the ground if she tried to rob me of my horn blowing mission. Miss Kitty, or some entertainment-like name that I cannot recall, informed me that in fact they had. I was crestfallen. We missed the countdown and blowing the horn too.

Well, it looks like I won’t have to leg wrestle Miss Kitty for the horn after all. We cracked open some sodas and Cayman Rum cakes and at precisely 12:15 a.m. I was snoring like a log in our cabin next door 🙂

Ahoy! There’s always next year and if you happen to be a social host on CCL and get bridge duty next New Year’s Eve, you have been forewarned about the crazy amazon Canadian coming your way…

About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to Ahoy mate, blow da horn!

  1. Shelley says:

    Can I come with you and witness this exciting event??? Please, please!!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    It serves you right for having such a good blog! I’ve just awarded you a Real Good Blog Award.


    Please don’t feel obliged to play the game, I realise that you (unlike me) have a real life. However, I feel it’s only fair to mention the at I don’t carry grudges, I get even. :-0

  3. Ann De Simoni says:

    How do always seem to get caught in these crazy adventours of life?!

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