And the winner is…

EVA! She won my contest and chose the Mama Apron from my Zazzle Store. Here’s a cute pic of her wearing it! Thank you Eva for sharing this photo 🙂

Eva with apron

Ok, I know I have been crap at posting lately but life has been so much fun that there’s no time to blog!

So let me recap a few things.

Mama took New York by storm…

My husband got a fancy promotion…

And, my Entertainment business, Up, up & Away, is taking off!

I’ve been having so much fun channelling my inner Anna from FROZEN that I have had very little time to do anything else.

Christmas was a blur of Miami shopping trips, Captain’s cocktail parties and sunny days at sea. The crew were awesome and I ate my way through Key West (Fogherty’s has the best hamburgers ever and hello Key Lime PIE!), Bahamas (x-mas day nothing was open so I ate onboard), Mexico (been there, done that, stayed onboard and ordered room service and cuddled with the Captain, heehee), Cayman Islands (had brunch with the doctor at some trendy cafe) and Jamaica (yummy fish sandwich at a beachside resort)!

Now it’s diet time and my tummy protests every day that it wants more food in there, *sigh*

I am grateful for a successful 2014 and aside from not writing my book yet, I am thrilled that I got a cool new logo and have moved this blog up a notch or two. 2015 promises to be great!

Wishing everyone a Happy 2015 and I promise to post more soon about my experiences as a fancypants Captain’s wife!

Oh, by the way, I just got a new student starting next week…he is some dude who is facilitating the salvage job of the Costa Concordia! This should be a very interesting few months indeed.

Ciaoooooo! xoxox Leah

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to And the winner is…

  1. Yvonne says:

    Phew! It’s like “What will you do for an encore”!

  2. Diana says:

    What a sweet pic….looking forward to your fancypants stories 🙂 and congrats on your new student….happy new year to you too!

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