Anna, Mama and a lot of water

I know I have been absent from this blog for a bit and for that I have only one reason and it’s called writer’s block. To be truthful, I haven’t had much to say lately. I’ve been busy with my new small business Up, up & Away and things are rolling along as planned. I am so proud of the job I did on my costume and am actually still putting the final touches (hand painting) on everything! Next weekend is the big Halloween/Comicon Festival in Lucca and I can’t wait!

In other news, Mama is going to New York! I had to go see her about a key the other day and of course no visit with Mama is simple. There is no such thing as a drive through visit with her. So, I parked myself down for the duration and ended up getting roped into several tasks, one of which was to find her a cheap flight to New York, the other was to replace some mysterious USB plug that she seemed to have lost for her phone.

The following day, I returned with a new plug. Lo and behold, she took out her old phone and charger and voila! There is the USB plug that she was missing all along. Oh well, there goes 22 Euros for nothing!

Next, I realize that I have been roped into going to her hairdresser next week. Yep, just like my own mom, apparently I am not supposed to look like a shag dog with hair hanging in my face…EVER!!! So, while she is on the phone with Andrea, the hair guy, I wandered into the kitchen and there was 5″ of water everywhere, WTH? She had a sweater in the sink and the water was still running. Apparently, I distracted her and she forgot.

I called out to her, ran around looking for a mop, anything to soak up all the water while my boots were getting drenched. Mama didn’t flinch, she kept on blah, blah, blah and laughing like a school girl on the phone. My guess is that this has happened before.

She grabbed a handful of dirty laundry and threw it on the floor to soak up the mess. Then she proceeded to see what food I had in my grocery bag and took my brie cheese and fresh bread and a couple of bananas, lol.

Now I have the task of registering her for ESTA before her trip to NY. She apparently doesn’t know her passport number so now I have to hike back over to her house later today to get it. Oy Vey. Next time I’m having a dry spell in the writing department I should just go see Mama because there is never a dull moment in that house for sure 🙂






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