A Walmart snack

Look out because today I’m on a roll.

Everyone knows that Italy still has that small town charm and mom & pop shops but slowly these shops are getting eaten up by larger corporations and in some ways that makes me sad…until today.

Today I had a most unpleasant exchange with a shopkeeper. And it is not the first time this has happened to me either. Customer service simply doesn’t exist here and while I know that it’s something on the decline worldwide, I can’t help but point my finger at the Italians for being the worst.

The other day I bought some special orthopedic shoes for a friend who was unable to go herself. My friend tried the shoes on but they were a bit too small so we decided that I would take them back and exchange them for a bigger size. I went back but the young girl said she only had a different shoe in the size I needed. It had a higher heel. I was reluctant to take them because after double hip surgery I doubt my friend would want any height on the shoes at all. Turns out I was correct. So, today I went back to change the shoes again or get a credit note (Refunds don’t exist here).

The shopkeeper noted that the soles of the shoes were dirty. I explained that my friend had to try them on in the house and apologized for not cleaning off the bit of cat fur on the soles. Then he went on for several minutes telling me that the heels on both models of shoes were the same when in fact it was very obvious that they were not. While he was searching his shelf, I attempted to clean the fur off the shoes and he yelled at me because now the fur was on his clean floor! He informed me that he didn’t have the size and model I needed and continued with the issue of the size of the heel on the new pair.

Finally, I told him that it didn’t matter what the heel measurements were, the simple fact was that my friend tried them and doesn’t like them. She just had surgery and she needs shoes she can feel secure in and that’s why I am in an orthopedic shoe shop. He then chastised me getting angry with him! Oy Vey!

I got a credit note and the rest is up to my friend but what an asshole this guy was. So I hate to admit it but I really hope that Walmart comes swooping in and takes over all these small mom & pop shops. There, I said it and I meant it too. How in the world do these small businesses expect to survive when they treat their customers like crap? Yes, the shoes got a bit dirty and I hadn’t noticed. I damp cloth would have solved that issue in a heartbeat so why be so rude to me? And dude, I’m a woman and I think I know a bit more about high heeled shoes than you do and if I just had two hips replaced I certainly know I wouldn’t want to be wearing anything with a heel!

Tonight, I have a dozen eggs in my car…anyone for a drive-by with me? 51R Via A. Cecchi 🙂

This guy would make a great Walmart snack, don’t you think?

(PS. I am not endorsing Walmart. Just the idea that buying everything in one convenient place with good customer service would be nice, that’s all)

Rant over, have a nice day 🙂



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6 Responses to A Walmart snack

  1. Natalia says:

    Hahaha yes, egg his shop! That’s what I did when I was in Poland and they yelled at me in the shop for picking out my own merchandise (how dare I?).

    PS sorry for now answering the clement you left on my blog ions ago, you know how crappy ship internet is 😉

  2. katecrimmins says:

    But if Italians are notoriously bad at customer service who will Walmart employ? It always seemed to me that Italians just yell all the time. It’s their way of talking. (and they say Americans are rude…)

    • Good point Kate! It doesn’t really solve the problem unfortunately 😦 i have been mistreated at large chain stores like Zara also and the number of stores I shop at now has become less and less because of it. Sooner or later I will have to leave Italy to buy anything since I have boycotted most of the shops here. I once wrote a complaint letter to MAC cosmetics in Canada because of the bad attitude I got at their Genoa store. They of course called me and tried to rectify the problem but I now buy most of my things online or when I am travelling outside of Europe and only go to these stores when I am stuck and desperate.

  3. iolacontessa says:

    For some reason I cannot leave a comment! I have been FOLLOWING ALONG for a few weeks NOW! I too lived over there in the early 90’s……….NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! GREAT POST…….I get where your coming from!IT’s really AMAZING isn;t it! I have a blog http://www.vintagehenhouse.com my call name is LA CONTESSA……….. hope you pop in!I will keep trying to COMMENT! XX Elizabeth

    • Ciao Elizabeth and welcome aboard!
      Thanks for commenting..I have no idea why WP was giving you a hard time about it, sorry 😦
      But it worked this time 🙂
      Sad that nothing has changed here…I wonder if it ever will or if the smart Italians will just keep leaving.

  4. Hayley says:

    Hi! I really enjoy reading your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award, Should you wish to accept/share it, there’s a little more information here

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