My Mosaic Masterpiece…

Ok, for my first solo attempt I think I did okay, no? And my toes are no longer stuck together so overall I’d say it’s a win-win situation.

It’s not perfect but 98% complete and it didn’t crumble in my hands this time šŸ™‚ There are a few tesserea that fell out that I will superglue back in once the base dries out a bit, if it will ever stop raining here!

The base is set on a super heavy solid piece of cast iron that I found in a scrappy antique shop in Santa Margherita. I painted it beige but it needs another coat or maybe even another base colour, indigo blue?…your feedback on the colour is most welcome.

I can also embellish the border a bit with more of the blue tesserae…it needs something more, I just don’t know what yet. Maybe it just needs a ray of sunshine and a permanent home šŸ™‚

Either way, now that I have made it this far I have restored my faith in the possibilities of what I am capable of and if practice makes perfect I will forge ahead and do more in the future.

The Future Belongs to those who Dare to Believe in their Dreams…



About lmarmstrong66

I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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3 Responses to My Mosaic Masterpiece…

  1. lizbert1 says:

    Great mosaic, onwards and upwards!

  2. Brava Leah šŸ™‚ Yes, a blue base would be perfect!

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