Boom boom! Out go the lights!

Ever been in a public toilet mid-stream when the lights go out? It seems that in Italy the lights are set on a timer that are motion activated and well if you don’t dance around a bit while doing your business then you will suddenly find yourself in pitch darkness. My suggestion…always scope out the location of the toilet paper roll before opening the flood gate!

On another note, I’m back up in Portofino and guess what happened to me last night? Yep, big thunder storm and I decided to have a bath. After about a ten minute soak, I found myself home alone and in complete darkness. Dripping wet I managed to find my towel and go reset the electricity although I’m not sure how safe it was to be playing with electricity boxes while dripping in a wet towel either!

The power went out five times when I finally just decided to go to bed. I think next time I decide to soak in a bath during a thunderstorm, I will bring along a flashlight or candle. Thankfully I had the light from my cell phone šŸ™‚

Happy Sunday everyone!

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I'm a blogger, painter, writer, singer. For the love of all things in nature and creativity.
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9 Responses to Boom boom! Out go the lights!

  1. Diana says:

    Sorry…but it was funny imagining you in the bath and the dark…probably not so funny for you. Anyway…the weather has been crazy huh??? Feels like autumn. Buona domenica to you too! šŸ™‚

  2. katecrimmins says:

    At work we had a small 2-stall ladies bathroom with the light and fan on the same switch. There were “energy conscious” women who always turned the light out which meant that it could get really stinky. The other thing was that if you were too quiet, they would turn the light out on you. There were no windows and it was total darkness and there you were.

  3. lhsh2014 says:

    Oh Leah no one has ever accused you of having a dull life. Lin and Thermo

  4. You silly goose. No Bath in thunder storms please…..your real Momma

  5. Pecora Nera says:

    Do you have real toilets were you are or the Turkish toilets that we have in the North?
    I need to do a post on the Turkish toilets….

    • Is that what they’re called? I had to Google that, lol. Yes, we have them here. Mostly in the train stations, but they do pop up in the oddest of places. I call them skid row toilets because of the two grooves on each side where you’re supposed to put your feet. I have a huge phobia about slipping and falling in šŸ˜®

      • Pecora Nera says:

        All I can say is Italian woman must have strong calf and thigh muscles to be able to use them and how do they manage if they have jeans on??? The mind boggles.

      • Even trickier if you are wearing jeans, high heels and are drunk! Oh, this could be an interesting post, haha, looking forward to reading it šŸ™‚

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