2 Beck’s and a bag of chips (crisps)

Yep, that’s right. I was celebrating…or as I like to think of it, decompressing after a 3 hour driving exam that seemed to have no end in sight!

But don’t worry, the Moet is chilling in the fridge and as soon as this work week comes to an end I will put on my new shoes and dance all the way to happy land now that I FINALLY have my Italian driver’s license šŸ™‚

Whew! I don’t think it has quite sunk in yet to be honest.
Yesterday’s big event started at 2 pm. I saw that the examiner had a ponytail and music symbol necklace. My first thought was cool. I dig long hair on guys so maybe this will all be ok.

Then I watched him in action…he drilled everyone with tough questions and I was shaking in my shoes. Crap! What if I can’t answer? I’ve come so far on this journey. Sigh. I waited for him to go through 12 other students. Back to me and he actually spoke English! Yay!

Then we all had to drive in the parking lot…he said, “make a U-turn”. I said ok, and then after I did it he said I should have driven past the curve and made the turn further ahead. Feck! Dude, “We’re in a parking lot!”. Suddenly, Mr. Ponytail man was no longer my friend. He was a washed up wannabe musician who sold out for a cushy government job and I wanted to poke his eyes out with the car key.

The entire episode lasted three freakin’ hours! I was getting more and more agitated and thought for sure I was never going to get this nightmare out of my life for good.

Finally, it was my turn to drive on the highway. I gave myself a little pep talk and decided to hell with all the crap and nervousness drama. I’m going to drive like I have been driving for the past 30 years and this guy can kiss my ass if he doesn’t like it.

At one point, I could feel the car pull a bit and I’m sure that my teacher was hitting the brake pedal on his side! Urrrghhhh! Then I saw him put his hands on his head like oh crap, what the feck is she doing? I passed cars on the highway and zipped in and out of lanes like it was my last chance to ever drive again.

I had finally reached my boiling point where I thought geez, if there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s my ability to drive! I’ve driven a Formula 200 on a race track for Christ’s sake! I bet Mr. Ponytail has never done that! We returned to the parking lot where I awaited my fate…
Mr. Ponytail man handed me my new, shiny pink license. I thanked him for speaking in English with me and got the hell out of there as fast as I could.

With a splitting headache and a two hour English lesson ahead of me, I downed two beers and a bag of potato chips to celebrate. Thank God my friends and family were praying for me, by gosh there were certainly some very patient angels on my side yesterday!

Today I test drove a 1970 FIAT 500, Better known as a cinquecento (chink weh chen toe). They don’t go fast but they’re so darn cute!

So look out people, I’m on my way to some fun times in a shiny red car that I think has my name on it šŸ˜‰


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14 Responses to 2 Beck’s and a bag of chips (crisps)

  1. Candis Frost says:

    Awesome!!! Way to go:)

  2. katecrimmins says:

    Finally! Congrats!

  3. Val says:

    Congrats! I love how you explained the 500 pronunciation šŸ˜€ I am a big fan of the newest models but would not dream of driving my kids in it šŸ˜¦
    We call them ficha in Serbia (fitchaa) šŸ˜€
    All the best to you now that you are legal on the Italian roads!!!

  4. Diana says:

    brava!!! bravissima!!! so happy for you!!!!

  5. Congrats! Shocking that it took three hours.

  6. haypop says:

    Congratulations! This is something that I should do in theory, but I’m a little freaked out about it. Can I ask how much the whole process cost you? Thanks!

    • Hi hayhop, the cost depends on your approach to the whole process. I opted to study for the theory on my own because I tried a school twice and could not keep up in Italian. The whole ordeal cost me about ā‚¬700. That included the books, DVD, and practical lessons which are mandatory. It’s a lot of running around if you do the theory on your own. You need to make photocopies, get passport pics, a medical and eye exam, these are separate, three different bonificos, and Marco bollos. You need go go in person with all your docs and book the exam which is a few weeks later. Once you pass you then have to register at a driving school, ā‚¬200, plus ā‚¬100 for the exam plus minimum of 6 lessons at between ā‚¬28-35/ hour. They charge more for lessons on the autostrada which are two hours are mandatory. Hope this info. Helps! Pm me if you have any questions, I am happy to help šŸ™‚ lmarmstrong66@gmail.com

      • Hayley says:

        Haha, this is quite the intensive process – I’m a little intimidated by the whole thing! Especially as I have a friend who knows much, much more Italian than I do and who has still failed the theory test three times. I think I’ll reassess at the end of the summer. But thank you for listing out all the bits for me, I may still be in touch šŸ™‚

      • Hayley, if you can immerse yourself into studying for six months without any outside distractions then you can do it. I created a document with key words translated and that helped me a lot. I also created a support group on Facebook so that I was accountable and had people encouraging me. There have been three people in that group now who have passed šŸ™‚ my husband also gave me incentive and told me he would buy me a pair of designer shoes when I passes. When you have a goal like that, well for me it was enough. The FB group is still open if you want to get in on it. Help! I need my folio rosa, i know i spelled it wrong too, lol. Good luck!

  7. Congrats on passing your exam!!!

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