Permanently screwed!

Tonight is a big celebration of sorts. You see, after jumping through many bureaucratic hoops, I now possess a Permanent Visa to stay in Italy, Eeep! Another celebration will soon come when I pass my driving test next week…but that celebration could, may, will definitely involve a festival in the streets with a rock band or something (I like to think big).

I’ll admit though, that word “PERMANENT” really freaks me out! When I got my first Visa, I skipped and jumped at my success but this one, well, I didn’t skip, squee or jump…in fact, I saw that “P” word there and I felt a big lump in my throat. What does this mean? In fact, it means I can become an Italian citizen and get an Italian Passport. Oh gosh, do I really want to be one of them? Am I already because I have learned all the hand gestures and use them often enough to make my Canadian friends giggle on Skype?

Part of me wants to run for the hills wearing nothing but a Canadian flag and start singing the national anthem even though I don’t know all the words (those French bits always trip me up). And part of me feels like ok, now I can move forward and worry about other crap. No more Questura visits, Yippeeeeee! That alone is cause for a celebration 🙂

So, yes indeed, I now have no excuse to leave this country. I am married to it in more ways than just my husband now. Full stop. So in other words, I am Permanently Screwed!

One more week and I will also be free to drive alone again. Oh boy, I really need to pass this last hurdle. Mama took my magic Panda last week and smashed it up beyond repair 😦 She’s fine, and I am grateful that I wasn’t in the car with her when it happened because I knew it was just a matter of time before she had an accident and we are just lucky that no one was hurt. I’m pretty sure if I was in the car that day I would have had a nervous breakdown…

Another Panda is on it’s way this week and Mama will be picking it up because I still cannot drive. Do you see where this is going? Oh Dio, I am indeed Permanently Screwed!

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9 Responses to Permanently screwed!

  1. Diana says:

    Gollie! All kinds of red tape for you recently….upcoming drivers license and the permesso! And…i guess even more red tape with the insurance companies for the car. Hang in there!!!

  2. Susan Lassiter says:

    Congratulations on your Carta di Soggiorno! Remember that you will have to update it, or “aggiornarla” whenever you renew your passport – in the US it is every 10 years and you are issued a whole new passport instead of the Italian version of sticking little stamps on it, so the number changes and thus your Carta will need to be updated. Mine is coming up in 2016, and I could wait forever to be honest.
    Sorry about your car, I hope your driver’s license comes through soon!

    • What?! You mean that I will never free myself from the Questura! Che palle!

      • Susan Lassiter says:

        Not until you become an Italian citizen, or the government throws us all out – whichever comes first, I suppose.
        At least your new Tessera Sanitaria will come by post, at least mine did, I didn’t have to do anything to renew it.

  3. Congrats and best of luck to you on your driving test!

  4. Shelley says:

    Do you have to give up your precious Canadian citizenship??? Are you dual?

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