Tinkle, tinkle, little…

Oh I bet you read twinkle, twinkle, didn’t you!

It has recently come to my attention that I am not the only one obsessed with the oddities of Italian bathrooms.

First of all, why do some public toilets have no seats? I’m not just talking about the ones in the train station either. I’m talking about ones in bars in the center of the city. I mean it’s not like I really want to place my nether regions anywhere near the seat anyway, but they just look awful without a seat.

Then we have those crazy treads in the floor where you place your feet and aim into a hole from six feet above…those are so gross and I often worry about slipping and falling into that stinky hole. Anyone else have this phobia?

And for all the filth, you’re lucky if you find toilet paper and feel like you won the lottery if you get soap and paper towels.

Which brings me to the beloved bidet…I just participated in an interesting thread on Facebook that seemed to go on forever about the precious Italian bidet! Some expats chimed in and said they use theirs to wash their feet, haha. Others claimed it was the perfect receptacle for washing delicate clothes.

Not to be left out, I added my two centesimi to the mix. Drumroll please…Coco uses the bidet as her personal water fountain! I doubt any of my readers are surprised by this at all since everyone knows that my 5 kilo kitty cat is spoiled rotten and thinks she is Queen of Italy!

Ever since she was a kitten, she has made the bidet her friend. She used to sleep in it too. The other day I turned the water on for her (by the way, she has a fancy pet water fountain that she ignores completely), and I forgot to turn the water off. I came home 6 hours later and cursed under my breath at what my next water bill might be.

So next time you tinkle, don’t worry if you sprinkle…the bathrooms are filthy anyway and if you are short of toilet paper…well, there’s always the magical bidet to wash away all your troubles, your feet, your delicate undergarments and as an added bonus water the cat




Traveller’s tip: if you cannot find where to turn the water on at the sink look below, there will probably be a pedal to turn it on 🙂 Happy trails and Happy tails!

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6 Responses to Tinkle, tinkle, little…

  1. I learned very quickly to carry hand sanitizer in my purse and toilet paper! I was shocked at first to learn that most places do not provide these essentials-especially in the South! –Whitney

    • My personal favourite is when the lights go out mid-action. They put them on timers and if you are in there too long or don’t move enough for the motion sensors you suddenly find yourself squatting in the dark in all that filth! Happened to me once and I freaked out cuz I couldn’t find the latch to unlock the door! I am super claustrophobic and have found myself locked in my share of stinky water closets, lol.

  2. I hate trying to figure out where the flush is in Europe! It took me forever one time to find the pedal on the floor!

  3. lizbert1 says:

    Never mind the no seats, what’s with the loos so high that your feet dangle off or so low that you nearly fall in (and no, I don’t mean bidets!) Have had some “interesting” experiences in Venice so far!! Great post!!

  4. Leigh C says:

    bidet=easy leg shaving

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