Driving Miss Crazy

I honestly don’t know what is more stressful. Having to write that ridiculous exam in Italian or having to take driving lessons from three crazy Italians!

After 30 years of driving, it is really hard to ‘start over again’. To make matters worse, I have had four lessons and three different teachers. The first guy was awesome, although he was freaking me out every time he pushed down on the brake pedal on his side of the car.

The second dude, actually grabbed my steering wheel and made me cut off another car in the process!

The third dude spoke to me in rapid-fire Italian and then proceeded to check his phone for messages…

Yesterday, after spending 30 minutes parallel parking (I actually know how to do this already but apparently I needed additional instruction), the dude today told me to forget what the other dude told me yesterday and to just park the way I would normally. Once I erased that miserable experience from my brain I parked the car just fine, although the dude did point out that I parked it like I was parking an SUV, hahaha.

Apparently, I also have this horrible habit of leaving too much space between cars when parking…well Geez Louise, I’m from Canada and if you park too close to the guy next to you he will ding your door 🙂

Ahhhh, I can’t wait to do this exam at the end of May and move on with my life!

Oh, and one more thingy…the ‘four-ways’ are actually six and you should say that they are emergency lights if asked cuz otherwise you will fail the exam. Just sayin’


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