Every Expat should have at least one cute Italian friend

The truth is, I have been to the Ministry of Transportation about 8 times now. Often, the computers are down and I have learned to avoid going there on Monday and Friday mornings. But, the most valuable lesson I have learned throughout all of this is that it’s really handy to have a cute Italian friend to help you fight your battles.

My friend is not even 30 yet and she is adorable, sweet and friendly and ITALIAN. We went together after I had made several attempts alone to rebook my exam and get concrete results of my last exam so I could see where I went wrong.

S, not only got them to print off my results right there on the spot, she also got it without having to leave, buy a stupid €2 stamp and return the next day! In other words, we got the document for free and in less than five minutes.

I am now rescheduled to write the exam Tuesday, April 15th…too bad I can’t put S in my pocket for good luck. So the moral of the story is this…if you have a cute Italian friend, buy them flowers and chocolates and drag them along to all your government appointments, you won’t regret it and what great company to have! A smiling, happy pretty girl that everyone loves.

Oh, and by the way, S is married, with a little baby but she looks only 20 years old herself. I have never seen her in a bad mood and she has gorgeous brown hair and brown eyes. She is nice to EVERYONE and she doesn’t speak a word of English but somehow we have managed to forge a strong friendship.

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