Thank you Google

I can’t tell you how much I would rather be blogging than studying right now.

The teaching season is in full swing now and thanks to my little germy students, I now have a head cold. I was told once that I’m a strict teacher. I had to laugh at that because, aside from the fact that I actually want my students to pass their exam, the more fun they have, the more fun I have too.

The other day, one of my kids was chewing gum. The other kids ganged up on him and pointed out to me that he was chewing gum. I told him that I didn’t really care as long as he didn’t chew gum during his exam, which was oral, and with some fancy examiner from England.

One of the kids didn’t want to accept my nonchalance about the offense so he Googled an English translation to make himself clear. The translation went something like this: “students are not permitted to chew on tires in class”. Hahahahaha…gomme, is Italian for rubber. The boy spelled it that way instead of gum I guess.

Anyway, with all the fuss, we got him to spit it out simply so I could go on with the lesson in peace!

Ahhhh. All in a day’s work. Now, where was I? Oh yeah, studying…”this traffic sign indicates where the shooting range is” and “taking multivitamins will impair your ability to drive” and one more… “Eating a heavy meal will impair your driving and make you sleepy” Seriously? They know this is Italy, right?


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5 Responses to Thank you Google

  1. Diana says:

    Uggg!!! I am so sorry for you!!! I DO NOT ENVY YOU! You posts bring back so many memories of studying for that test…..seems like you are taking it in stride. When is the test again?

    • Not sure now because my schedule got all messed up with my work schedule. I plan to get my last medical done tomorrow and then I will book the exam. Probably in March now as this month has run past me too quickly. Then I have the joy of spending loads of money on driving lessons 😦 just par for the course. Not like I can avoid it and I refuse to not drive here! In bocca a lupo!

      • Diana says:

        Hi! Well…yes…good luck to you! Don’t you miss the days of the 2 visit, $15 DL? No doc visits or passport photos or bollini???

  2. Arlen says:

    Hi Leah!

    I found your site on expatsblog and I have a few questions regarding teaching English in Genoa. Do you have an email address I could use to contact you for further information? Looking forward to hearing from you! Ciao πŸ™‚

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