Rubber baby buggy bumpers


Up until a few days ago I was wearing t-shirts and sunglasses. Now my rubber boots and two umbrellas are sitting by the door. Oddly, in rainy Genova, I have never found a proper raincoat so if any of my readers can share a good European online site that sells them please pass it on!

I have officially started my winter hibernation. Today we got heavy rain, thunder, lightening, ice pellets and flooding. Yep, just another crazy Genova winter. I went outside this morning to put the car back in my box just in time. The old Panda is almost 20 and she could have been swept away a few hours later while my street started to form into a raging river.

The police and fire fighters arrived and now my road is closed. I could hear the rushing water from my window and knew well enough to stay indoors. You can see in the photos below, ice balls in my planter boxes and that big brown puddle where the road just disappeared! It was threatening to make its way further down the road but luckily gravity pulled it back and the rain stopped.

There have been reports of a derailed train along the seaside in Liguria because of ice. What the heck is going on Genova? We usually get a lot of rain but ice is not that common. I hope these storms pass soon but at least I have my rubber boots to keep my toes dry.




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2 Responses to Rubber baby buggy bumpers

  1. Diana says:

    I have been looking for a cute raincoat forever myself! (I am in Varese). Anyway…love your blog……stay dry!

    • Considering all the rain we get you’d think they sold them everywhere but they’re hard to find, especially a long one. I bought my rubber boots in the U.S. Took up half my suitcase but they are super dry and cute too šŸ™‚

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